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  • Código de Honor y Compromiso participantes.
  • Tips para participar en Videoconferencias
  • Criterios de aprobación de Clases
  • Seguimiento de Impacto de contenido en los participantes de las clases
  • Vinculación con el medio y la comunidad
  • Alianzas comerciales

About us

About us

ActionOSH is a -Workers Owned Cooperative- focused in  occupational safety and health based in New York City.  ActionOSH has an experienced team with more than 3000 hours of training in construction and industrial work environment.



Empower through awareness.  To train construction and industrial workers in different communities in the United States through a dynamic and pedagogical training and practice.  To learn specific safety and occupational health to improve their quality of work and life.


We are a cooperative, supportive and transparent team that wants to reach the largest amount of workers to be trained and aware of their risks and safety.  Through prevention we want to inspire changes in the way we work and identify the inherent dangers of the construction and industrial occupation to make it safe, respected and dignified. 


VALUES AND PRINCIPLES: Respect, dignity, equality, quality of service, transparency, justice, tolerance, dedication to service, discipline, honesty, punctuality and cooperation.