Our Team

Our team is conformed by a group of professionals who hold experience in different areas. They share the passion for spread knoweledge adquired during OSHA formation.

Fredy Llanos

OSHA Outreach Authorized Trainer


Fredy H. Llanos is a long-time active member of Make the Road New York. For the past eight years, Fredy has been the principal occupational health and safety trainer for the Hispanic Resource Center, an OSHA Susan Harwood grantee, through which he has conducted various trainings for H.R.C’s partner centers: Neighbors Link, United Community Center, Don Bosco Worker Center, El Centro del Immigrante, and Obreros Unidos de Yonkers.

In addition, he has conducted various workshop for diverse organizations and hundreds of immigrant workers throughout the city and state, including but not limited to: hazard identification and control, OSHA 10 Hours, OSH act rights, focus four construction hazards, landscaping hazards, chemicals, and PPE. At MRNY, Fredy has worked over the years to organize forums and workshops for the community on housing, education, health and workers’ rights.

He additionally has experience working for other Latino-based organizations, including the Hispanic Cultural Center of Oyster Bay, NY where he facilitated training and organizing activities to day laborers focusing on safety, health and workers’ rights and the Immigrant Movement International in Queens , where he conducted daily outreach in the community, on-site advocacy and served as a bridge between OSHA and the organization and was able to arranged for its members to receive the ten hours OSHA certificate.

Juan Carlos Gómez

Osha Authorized Trainer


Juan C. Gómez is a Industrial engineer with academic and professional human training who has developed his career in different sectors of industry and construction, his relationship with organizations that help workers, guide his career and passion, to improve the safety and health of workers. Acquires training as an authorized trainer in construction and general industry under OSHA guidelines;


 Training as a CERT member of the City of New York in response to community emergencies under FEMA.  and is a member of  specialists emergency Response Team (SERT) of US. Together with other training courses in the field of health and safety at work, they complement their experience.

 In this process, permanent contact with workers It allows you to put into practice useful proposals in the field of safety and health in the workplace for various groups of workers and organizations through training and consultation. As co-founder of the first US Occupational Health and Safety Cooperative in Spanish, he has the vision to advance in a better understanding and dissemination of the concept that occupational safety and health is a matter of personal commitment and mutual benefit in the employer-worker relationship.


William Bonilla

Osha Authorized Trainer


Throughout his career, William Bonilla has worked in high-stress and fast-paced environments with diverse populations in various roles.  When he decided to grow professionally in the United States, he realized his options were limited as an immigrant, so he became an experienced worker with an in-depth knowledge of construction, custodial work and building maintenance.

These prior experiences made him well aware of the many issues faced by construction and industrial workers from other areas in the immigrant community, because of the limited access to information and resources about their rights and risks they may face at work. In the last few years that he has been able to train and educate workers in the community through OSHA trainings. He has also taken the role of organization, finding leaders within the groups and transforming their experiences towards workplace justice.